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1 in 9 Washington residents have diabetes.

1 in 3 Washington State adults have prediabetes.

As you interact with patients, you are in a key position to help prevent and/or manage diabetes. Below are resources to assist in your prediabetes and diabetes patient care.

North Central Washington Diabetes Coalition

The North Central Washington Diabetes Coalition (NCWDC) supports residents and healthcare professionals in Chelan, Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan counties. The Coalition focuses on diabetes prevention and early detection, clinical care of residents with prediabetes and diabetes, and diabetes self-management through awareness, education, and skill-building.

Meetings are held monthly. For more information, visit the NCWDC webpage.

Tools & Tool Kits


Tool Kits

  • Prevent Diabetes STAT Toolkit: A toolkit to assist in engaging clinicians and patients as well as incorporating screening, testing, and referrals to diabetes prevention programs.

Patient Education