Public School Health and Safety Program

Chelan-Douglas Health District School Plan and Review Process
Health and Safety Guide for K-12 Schools in Washington
DOH School Environmental Health
Primary and Secondary Schools Chapter 246-366 WAC

Since children spend a large part of their lives in a school environment, student health and safety is an important issue to the community and the Chelan-Douglas School Health and Safety Program. To promote school health and safety, the Chelan-Douglas Health District:

  • Reviews new and remodeled school site plans
  • Educates school staff about health and safety issues
  • Conducts inspections
  • Investigates reports of illness and safety hazards

The school program is staffed by two inspectors who also work in other environmental health programs. A fee for service is charged for activities such as inspections, reinspections, and construction activities. There is no charge for complaint response, illness investigation, or consultation.

For more information about the Public School Health and Safety Program, call (509) 886-6400.

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