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The purpose of On-site Septic System (OSS) program is to ensure proper treatment and disposal of wastewater to protect our drinking water and the environment. We issue septic permits, inspect final septic installations, and investigate complaints associated with on-site sewage systems


Anyone who installs, alters, or repairs an on-site septic system is required to first obtain a permit from Chelan-Douglas Health District. Installation of a system requires site and soil evaluations to ensure an appropriate and adequate system is installed.

To apply for any for the following:

  • New Construction – Septic System
  • New Construction – Intermediate (>1000 gpd)
  • Private Water Review
  • Repair
  • Tank Replacement Only
  • Project Review
  • Septic Re-design
  • Soil Evaluation
  • Connecting to Existing System
  • Permit Reactivation

Please complete the Onsite Septic and Water Master Permit Application and return to the Chelan-Douglas Health District with the appropriate fees.

A step-by-step overview of the permitting process and design guidelines for conventional septic tank and drainfield systems is available.

Project Review Handout

Report of Wastewater Tank Abandonment

Connection to Existing System Handout

Transferring a Permit

If you would like to transfer a Septic System Permit, please fill out our On-Site Sewage System Permit Transfer Form.  There is no fee to transfer a permit to another name.

Designing and Installing an On-Site Septic System

All work related to the design, installation, maintenance, operation, and repair of all conforming and non-conforming onsite septic systems shall only be completed by an appropriately licensed and/or certified professional.

See the Designer List to find a licensed Designer

See the Installer List to find a licensed installer

Find out what you need to do to become a licensed installer

Installer Application

Operation and Maintenance

The Washington Administration Code, Chapter 246-272A-0270 details homeowner maintenance responsibilities for septic systems.  Operation and maintenance (O&M) is about OSS functioning properly and being cared for correctly. In order for an OSS to continue to function properly, care must be taken by those responsible for it. Proper monitoring, correct operation and maintenance are the responsibility of the OSS owner.

OSS evaluations must be done by a licensed O&M Specialist. See the list of licensed qualified O&M providers to perform Operation and Maintenance on your septic system.

A Report is completed at the time of the evaluation by the O&M Specialist.

An O&M Agreement will be required for select enhanced treatment septic systems and designs.

OSS evaluations should be performed once every three years for conventional gravity systems (systems consisting of only septic tank and drainfield) and annually for all other systems unless specified by the manufacturer.

All Provider Permits expire yearly on September 30th.

More information on septic system operation and maintenance

Pumping your Septic System

See the list of pumpers to find a licensed pumper in Chelan and Douglas Counties.

Please complete the pumper application if you’re interested in becoming a licensed pumper.

All Provider Permits expire yearly on September 30th.

Septic System Failure

For information on failing septic systems, please see our Septic Failure Brochure.

Requesting an As-Built

We also maintain As-Built records of existing on-site sewage systems. An As-Built is a drawing of a septic system as it was installed.  If you would like to request a copy of an As-Built, please fill out our online Asbuilt Request Form.

Record Drawing (As-Built) form to be used after installation is completed.  Please complete this form and return to the Chelan-Douglas Health District: Asbuilt Record Drawing Form


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